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Anti Rangers Brigade – More Irrational Thoughts

The latest bout of bitterness coming our way from Celtic (and their  new SPL pals) bloggers is mind-blowing!

I kid you not

Rangers FC yes us urchins in Division 3 of the SFL

Are seemingly getting preferential treatment


Sky TV showing too many of our games?

Teams lying down to us?

Nope on both counts

I need a wee think


What has got those who are obsessed with the Rangers into a laver this time?

Seems we are being provided grade 1 refs for division 3 fixtures

Check the Scottish Football Monitor Website and posts by Celtic bloggers

( i am sure Bill McMurdo blogged about SFM a wee while back and warning of their credentials or lack of them)

According to the great and the good on this imbalanced site

It is wrong and it has to stop now (any dissenters in the comments section shouted down by the way)

Look through a wider segment of their site

Not so long ago

This shower of bandits were posting how they were not RCT2

And wanted to welcome Gers fans on to discuss matters Scottish football

Now they are up in arms cause we got Willie feckn Collum to ref one of our games

Bitterness is the word

Oh yes throughout it all propelled by some chap called “auldheid”

He goes wider though in his allowed post

The same old chestnut he spouts

– Those who we obsess about have no history

– They are a new club

– They should not be in the SFA (well not professional ranks anyway)

(you know – the 3 years in junior football scenario on account of no published accounts)

Moving on key players through the post and in comments section then get a doing


the Pro Rangers faction

The dark lords (i would use better descriptors but my Harry Potter is a bit off)

Campbell Ogilvie and Jim Ballantyne (Chairman of Airdrie United) conspirators extraordinaire

Even HMRC are in cahoots with us

Fantasy Island indeed

Interestingly all these anti Rangers bloggers and posters like auldheid have something in common with us

To be fair

They do claim to want an enquiry of the Rangers scenario too

Covering two  primary points

1. A full explanation about the circumstances and supporting rationale that justified the 5 point agreement that allowed The Rangers entry into Scottish Football at the lowest senior professional level and confirmation that agreements have been or are being met. 

2. A full explanation about the circumstances including dates surrounding the award of a UEFA Club licence to Rangers in spring/summer of 2011 when there was unpaid social tax that prime facie did not meet the conditions for deeming the granting of a licence acceptable under the UEFA FFP rules on unpaid tax (the wee tax bill).

– did we not make a whopping profit in season 2010 / 11? why let the facts get in the way mind

So do feckin we

Brothers in arms?

So why do they not just sign our petition instead of trying cheap tricks to minimise the signature numbers we are generating?

I am sure these questions can be incorporated into the petition review we seek

Seriously (and this is why Jim Traynor’s opinion piece was most welcome tonight)

As all this comes to a head I feel there are a number of things Rangers need to do and quickly

1. They need to get a definitive status once and for all

On whether or not the current team we support is indeed the same club we supported through the ages

Put an end to this old co new co nonsense

Does the Nestle Kitkat (see post script to this post) scenarios actually hold true

2. Sort out the SPL EBT independent tribunal and the laughable prima facie status held against them just now

A status reached of course by Celtic lawyers Harper McLeod

3. Agree a strategic plan (which I am sure they have in place or are formulating) for challenging SFA / SPL/ SFL (and who ever else)

If and when the following circumstances come to the fore

– HMRC refused opportunity to appeal the EBT big tax case ruling

– Criminal charges are upheld in the Craig W takeover and running of Rangers (said take over deemed to be illegal)

– the liquidation process with BDO is concluded

– TV and sponsorship agreements are being finalised in Scottish Football under the new single governance structure proposed

and finally pt 4) seek aggressive and coordinated application out of Scottish Football

On the basis that there is irreconcilable breakdown in relationship and trust between ourselves and senior officials /clubs in Scotland

On this possibly we do need some lobbying and unique support from FIFA and /or EUFA

Surely we have enough evidence to garner favour from the powers in Switzerland to carry this through

Either that or we pray for Catalonia to get independence from Spain

Barca and Real Madrid in different leagues would soon get EUFA thinking now would it not?

postscript/ footnote

Post script on Kitkat

“I post this as a Rangers employee and someone who has obviously followed this story very closely throughout. The issue of whether Wiki persevere with their current Rangers page or start a new one is one they quite frankly shouldn’t be putting themselves through.

As someone said to me the other day, a Kit Kat was still a Kit Kat when Rowntree’s was bought over by Nestle and production of the chocolate bar continued. It still used the same ingredients and tasted exactly the same, thus nobody talked of it being a new product. By the same token, Rangers is still the same football club which was formed in 1872 and it is simply the case that its holding company has changed.

Rangers were previously owned by Rangers Football Club plc, which was formed in 1899 and will soon be liquidated. Rangers is now owned by Sevco Scotland Ltd, which will shortly become The Rangers Football Club. It might be a new company which owns the club but the club itself is still the same one. It will still turn out a team which plays in blue called Rangers and which plays at Ibrox Stadium. The manager is still the same, as are most of the staff minus some of the playing squad from last season. Crucially, the club’s history has been retained in the same way as the histories of clubs such as Middlesbrough and Leed United were retained when they went through ‘newco’ situations.

Due to the nature of Glasgow’s ‘goldfish bowl’ environment, half the city is trying to push the belief Rangers is a brand new club while the other half argues against such a notion. The fact is it’s still exactly the same club it has been for the last 140 years but it is owned by a different company now to the one which owned it for the last 113 years, some 27 years after the club itself was formed.”


League Reconstruction In Scottish Football – Oh So Depressing

The honours of this world, what are they but puff, and emptiness, and peril of falling?

Augustine of Hippo

Football reorganisation in Scotland will come to the fore again today and then again later in the month

Various SPL and SFL clubs sharing views on league reconstruction and now ready for the vote on what has been proposed

Recent briefs from both SPL Neil Doncaster and David Longmuir

Suggests the outcome of these discussions will be movement towards the convoluted SPL plan

Or should we call it the Gordon Smith plan

What ever

It is proposed to consist of 2 leagues x 12 and a third league of 18

So how does it work again?

After each team plays each other twice

the two leagues of 12 (premier and championship) will split into 3 mini leagues of 8

and play each other again x 2

The top 8 teams from premier contesting the title and European slots

Assured of their status for the next season in top league

The bottom 4 from premier league and top 4 from championship merging

And fighting it out for premier and championship league status the following season

top 4 of this mini league go to premier

bottom 4 of the mini league go to championship

Note unlike the other two mini leagues of 8

Previous points amassed in their parent league of 22 games counts for nothing

This combined mini league from premier and championship starts afresh

All 8 teams involved with status of zero games played zero points on the table

the bottom 8 of championship fight it out to retain a their second tier placement

Wait to see how many teams relegated and teams coming up from the best of the rest league of 18

We are told it is going to be competitive

This is a model which has been tried before

It is recognised that it failed in Austria and Switzerland in the late 80s early 90s

Where will Rangers sit within the league structure

Well in the league of 18 the best of the rest of course (the national league)

No favours asked no favours given on that one

I quote the fallen hero Longmuir

“This isn’t about one club. This is about what is best for all of Scottish football.

People are getting ahead of themselves a little bit because no decisions have been taken with regards to how the new leagues would be made up.

But if you look at the league tables as they stand today it doesn’t take much imagination to work out how to make it happen.

Yes, that might be disappointing for some clubs in the Second and Third divisions if it was to work out that way but then we are talking about the long-term good of the game here.

If change is going to happen then inevitably there would have to be one season when adjustments would have to be made. That adjustment has to come at some stage.”

Just get a better run in the Ramsden cup to compensate might be his thinking

The rest of the best in the 18?

How are they convinced to vote for this

(at least the teams in SFLD2 have something to play for this season)

Well I will tell you the probable sop

You have another unexpected year of the cash cow that is Rangers

Everyone is a winner

Except the team who actually has people going to their games

What is that though?

Do I hear our old mate Turnbull shouting from the rooftops

Sticking up for sporting integrity and all that

Rangers (or who ever in SFLD3) win the league but as noted get no promotion

Nope mistaken

Silence from Kirkcaldy

Never mind

As I said we ask for no favours

Celtic might need it though

Crowds at Parkhead could expect to really drop under this set of proposals

Imagine the scenario next season?


and an average of 25K at Celtic home games

The likely winners in this model are your middle tier teams dundee united, aberdeen, hibs etc

PS: I make no qualm about Rangers staying in SFLD3 (or what ever it will be called in the new structure)

It suits us  for two reasons

1. We do not need to go thru more unnecessary bile form malicious characters like auldheid and his SFM cronies

2. It will continue to help us in the development of our longer term youth plan

My anger is that Rangers – the cash cow of Scottish football

The biggest club in Scotland with easily the biggest support both at games and on TV was excluded from discussion in reaching this agreement

This is an affront to Rangers FC and more importantly the Rangers supporters (AGAIN)

How to go from the high of posting on the technical and sporting genius of la pulga to this in just a few mouse clicks and keyboard bashes

Oh and i have just remembered

Bradford city are playing tonight in the semi final of the Capital one cup

Now i am really depressed

Well i was until

1. I marvelled in Bradford winning 3 -1 against Lambert’s Villa (who sacked first Lambert or O’Neill the terrible premiership lookalike twins)

2. read this – think is called opinion peace from our Head of Comms James Traynor

Full Traynor statement: ‘Remember Sporting Integrity?’

The shape of things to come, three divisions of 12-12-18, has been agreed in principle.

This abomination will now be pulled and stretched by selected members of the SPL and SFL in a desperate attempt to make it more presentable.
Good luck with that.

It would be easier trying to iron out the lines on the face of the old broad, Madge, in Benidorm.

12-12-18. It’s ridiculous, especially when you remember the two 12s will fragment into three eights.

Yet this time supporters will just have to buy into it. Whatever happened to that new and bold notion that fans were all important?

It isn’t that long ago clubs, particularly those in the top flight, were solemnly insisting that ignoring the views of fans would be akin to financial suicide.

Remember? It was when the game was wrestling with the problem of what to do with Rangers.

All the clubs were squealing that the wishes of fans had to be granted. If you swallowed any of that bilge you probably also believed in sporting integrity.

Of course it was all nonsense. Sporting Integrity was a cloak of convenience, albeit a rather thin, practically transparent one, behind which club leaders huddled together to come up with sanctions.

Rangers had to be punished, they deserved to be punished but it seemed as if additional penalties were being randomly introduced depending on who was in which meeting.

Many Rangers fans like to think the frenzy to cause the club as much additional pain as possible was driven by one club but that wasn’t strictly the case. 

Many fans of many clubs waded in but this is not to say Celtic fans or their club didn’t attempt to influence the outcome of debates on Rangers and possible sanctions.

Of course they did. And they are still at it on social media sites and on blogs clattered out by individuals who are no better than semi-literate.

The sheer hypocrisy of what is happening within Hampden’s corridors of power right now will be lost on them but let’s not pretend sporting integrity or the wishes of supporters really are important to all those clubs pushing for this change.

If they were listening to fans they wouldn’t be sticking with a top division of 12 , and if there was any integrity there would be no rush to bring in changes for the start of next season.

If, as seems likely, the structure is altered for 2013-14 supporters won’t get what they’ve already paid for, especially those following teams striving for promotion. Actually this entire season will be rendered meaningless.

Sporting integrity won’t merely be compromised, it’ll be crushed but this is what happens when desperation slips in and throttles reason.

This belief won’t sit well with the few who are more or less running the SPL and influencing thinking within that desperate organisation but they can’t complain. After all, they’ve dismissed Rangers’ views  completely.

This club, the biggest one in the country, were not invited to take part in talks which will shape the game’s future.

We are then entitled to conclude that this club are not important, which is strange indeed when so many fans of other clubs continue to be obsessed by Rangers, who are simply getting on with their own affairs asking no favour from anyone.

We do, however, expect commonsense to be applied, along with fair play.

Look, Rangers will return to the top flight, which will of course have to be rebranded. Rangers will take a seat at the head of the table where, despite the latest insult of being shut out of reconstruction talks, we will act with the good of Scottish football in mind.

We’ll work through the divisions and we will return stronger and better than ever before.

This club accepted their sanctions and moved on but too many others have been unable to do the same. They continue their assaults and while the deranged, who are using social media sites as conduits for their twisted agendas, should be ignored there are more than a few in the mainstream still maligning the club at every opportunity.

In a BBC radio debate last Saturday night one pundit, in a matter-of-fact manner, said Charles Green speaks with ‘forked tongue.’ No attempt to explain or justify the statement, just as no explanation was offered when another radio voice claimed there was a dishonesty about Walter Smith when he went public with a late bid for the club.

Word of advice gentlemen. From now on be very careful when talking or writing about this club.

To paraphrase something said about another club, Rangers will not be treated less than others. And although there is no desire to pick fights, be assured that no one will attack Rangers with impunity.

Better, however, to quote Bill Struth: ‘Never fear, inevitably we shall have our years of failure and when they arrive, we must reveal tolerance and sanity. You do that, you will emerge stronger than before.’

Tolerance and sanity. That’s what Rangers will demonstrate and maintain, especially when back at the summit.

3. Read these additional quotes from Doncaster (we must remember this and analyse carefully how the placements are provided) and Longmuir

Asked specifically about Rangers, Doncaster said: ‘There is a genuine desire to ensure that sporting merit is the basis on which clubs fill the positions which are available.

‘Our intention is to ensure that clubs get there on sporting merit.

I don’t think there is any desire to accelerate any club falsely. It’s sporting merit which will decide it.”

That stance was reiterated by the SFL’s David Longmuir, who said:

‘No club will move through the leagues and quicker than any other club given any of the structures we have put in place – and we are unanimous on that.’

So let us watch where Dundee end up – they if relegated must not be allowed to be fast tracked back into the premier league but demoted to the championship

(i note this because watch the north and east teams of Dundee United, St Johnstone and Aberdeen query Hibs and Hertz  canvas for them to be included)
Financial scrutiny must also be placed on Dunfermline and Hertz ability to get a licence agreement for next year based on the various shenanigans they have experienced this year


All bubbling up in Scottish Football

Heading to and from the match yesterday at Ibrox for SFLD3 Rangers vs Elgin City there was much to talk about

First up

The comments from our esteemed Cabinet Secretary for Justice Kenny Macaskill

Opining on the recent trouble which followed the Hearts vs Hibs Edinburgh derby

Two initial points to mention on this

1. Did this guy miss the Dundee vs Celtic Dens Park shame game? why no such like commentary if he did not?

2. Any restructure of timing for high profile matches will almost certainly weaken an already fragile SPL TV contract

Not that such restructure of games should not happen

It would be remiss though not to hint to the consequences given the financial state of SPL Scotland and their reliance on TV revenue

And is this the Scottish Government tentatively trying to dip a toe into the governnace of Scottish Football

Mind you if Hugh MacDonald is to be believed all is well with Hertz and Hibs

I have no appetite to google journalist MacDonald’s positivity / negativity on previous matters Scottish Football

Maybe is just a born motivator

To miss though the circumstances in the game that prompted the cabinet secretary’s intervention in his “all is fine and dandy” piece is slightly alarming

Looks like oor Willie C will be the fall guy by the sound of things

Personally I do find Hertz vs Hibs at Tynecastle an interesting spectacle (at Easter Road when there is a much poorer atmosphere including non capacity crowd it is less so)

Although i had better things to do on Thursday than watch the game on TV

In reporting the match no matter the angle

There is no case for ignoring the distaste that this particular competition brings including well acknowledged sectarianism!

As agreed by Margo Macdonald MSP and hypocrite

Remember her comments on El Hadji Diouf on BBC radio?

Irrespective there seems to be big delay in any SPL enquiry into the new year Edinburgh derby – holidays an all that?

Takes us nicely to the shenanigans late last year in Dundee

Yes unfortunately discussion moved on to the aftermath of the Dens Park shame game

Was interesting to see the absolute hammering Phil 3 names took on his blog Friday night

This after he had the temerity to question the Green Brigade and their role in Dundee

John Hartson despite writing a pathetic column on the matter has also been getting a hammering from various Celtic blogs

Since that boxing day shame  it was expected to see Rangers and Manchester get brought into the fray as a diversion tactic

And I was not disappointed as clearly Celtic blogs have went into overdrive with their divisive posting summarising as follows:

1. Not too bad at Dens; only 4 arrests for minor offence and sensational ver reporting (ignore the apology from our CEO)

2. 10s of thousands rioted at Manchester and wreaked havoc on a city with operation media cover up in place to minimise it

What is interesting in all this?

Your average Celtic denier’s attitude is

Unless you were at Dundee you cannot form an opinion on what happened

How many of them were at Manchester then?

How irrational and delusional and with such denial tactics in place

As Phil 3 names and John Hartson pointed out, more trouble surely lies ahead

ad iudicium not? 

Common sense oot the window more like

For once thanks to the Sun newspaper the standard attempts to sweep matters under the carpet by the Celtic have failed

Will be interesting whether this vigilance continues

With the media pressing Celtic CEO publicly to report on Celtic induced FBOs to Parkhead

Or is this going to be poppy day shame 2?

As a footnote read this laudable blog from the Celtic TAL zine

While Dens park incidents had no racial tension

The facts in regard Celtic supporters accepting they did wrong and need to re-position them aka the Mark Walters scenario

“When you love a football club with all the hypocrisies and split feelings that can conjure up, the first reaction is to be defensive when accusations of discrimination are levelled at a fan base.  You know that it isn’t representative of a whole fan base, but there can often (not always) be an illogical knee-jerk reaction based on loyalty. Our club would never behave like that”.  ”It’s just a few idiots”.  ”You misheard what they were chanting. We’ve all heard, or maybe even made, those kind of excuses before.  As a result, it can be more convenient to ignore discrimination and save collective face rather than confront it and do something about it because of unswerving allegiance.”

Well it all just seems lip service and redundant on this one

Next we then had the pathetic jibes of Celtic reported on Rangers media by Andrew Dickson which I had stumbled across

Seems Celtic have taken to on line publishing their delights at winning the last ever old firm derby in April 12

Does this club have any dignity?

We obviously see through the wee dig at Rangers and old co new co mentality

Good luck to them in Europe and could luck to the Lawwell plan minus Rangers in SPL

One wonders mind how the latter would have succeeded without the former and qualification for ECL?

So for now have your moment of fun at our expense

Me thinks it will in the long term not last (and personally I think deep down Lennon, Lawwell and others in the celtic hierarchy know this)

This takes us nicely to league reconstruction in Scottish Football

The breaking news that modernisation (is this a joke term?) talks are going well with the SPL plan of 12 and 12 plus the rest looking to get the go ahead for progress

Where this leaves Rangers will be interesting given all that is going on in Scottish Football just now – more on this no doubt  following Tuesday’s further talks between SPL/ SFA and SFL

What we do have is an SPL requiring (not seeking) change

This requirement against a back drop of

1. poor attendances at their games

2. increased prevalence of fan unrest and poor behaviour on match day

3. questionable long term sponsorship and financial robustness of their business model within the league/ clubs (Hertz)

4. infighting within the SPL Hertz for example?

And now the potential of re-emergence of Scottish Government intervention on matters Scottish Football

Beside all this of course we have Rangers

The biggest club in the country

Who until now between SFA / SPL have been seen from the Rangers side

to try and ostracise them from regaining prominence in Scottish Football

and in laymen’s terms “keeping them down”

Unfortunately if this was indeed the plan it has failed

Rangers are a team going from strength to strength on and off the park

Looking on with interest and indeed in no mood to be pushed about

As previously was the undisputed case by the SPL / SFA pigmies last July when they sought licence to play

No tail wagging the dog this time me thinks when it all unravels before next season

I will end with a few good old latin words for SPL/ SFA when it comes to the Rangers

Caveat – beware

Ulcisor – avenge

peccavi – i have sinned

Kinda captures the mood me thinks

For now though it is all too much for me to contemplate further

As I feel the pain of breaching The Scottish Football Monitor’s moral compass on whataboutery and trust

I am off to watch Arsenal in the FA Cup

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